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* Stationery Products
As one of the world's most successful adhesive companies, Bostik lives up to the trust DIY users place in our brands by delivering products that:
- are easy to choose and easy to use
- save time and money
- offer both superior performance and quality
* Hardware / DIY Products
Bostik, manufacturer of many of the world's finest commercial-grade construction and repair adhesive and sealant products, is bringing its expertise to the consumer market - giving it solutions for hardwood flooring installation, tile and stone installation, and all around general-purpose, heavy-duty, adhesive needs. Bostik offers an enormous range of these products that are made available in hardware and DIY stores nationwide.
* Construction Systems Products
Bostik offers the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative range of professional grade products for a wide range of construction applications. Used in both new build and renovation projects around the world, its products have an unrivalled reputation among professional users for quality and reliability, even in the most extreme conditions.
*Rigid Packaging
Bostik’s roots in the packaging marketplace date back to the early 1900’s. Its range of formulations cover most packaging and converting applications. Over time its product line has constantly evolved to keep ahead of the most demanding requirements of the growingly dynamic and creative packaging industry. Bostik’s innovative approach explains the success of its adhesive solutions based on a wide range of technologies including reactive and non-reactive, hot-melts and water based products. Bostik’s line of hot-melt (Thermogrip) and water-based (Aquagrip) adhesives offers solutions for bonding coated and non-coated corrugated and fiberboard substrates. Its adhesives performance take up the challenge of emerging packaging technologies. They are particularly appreciated for bonding a variety of difficult to bond, surface-treated stock Their performance in high-speed production and their broad range of service temperatures are also highly valued.
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