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Bostik Phils. is committed to the highest practical standards of safe working conditions and minimizing the risk of accidents. We maintain the highest standard and objective of zero accident in the workplace.

A comprehensive Health and Safety management system has been introduced, which ensures that all operations are in compliance with regulatory requirements and are aligned to the TOTAL safety policy and charter.

Our safety culture is imbibed through:

  • Communication of our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) programs, systems and related requirements, to be able to gain overall acceptance that accidents and incidents are preventable events using a plan of structured safety meetings, poster campaigns and newsletters.
  • Identifying and monitoring our problems and taking appropriate corrective action, including auditing, structured risk assessment and accident and near miss reporting and investigation.
  • Training on compliance to our HSE policy extends not only to our employees but also up to our contractors and transport providers.

Bostik Phils. is also committed to maintaining the highest practical standards of environmental control, preventing pollution and reducing environmental impact by ensuring:

  • All regulatory requirements are understood, communicated appropriately and complied with.
  • Continuous improvement in energy consumption, waste minimization, housekeeping standards and environmental awareness.
  • All contractors have necessary competence, certification and documentation to ensure they are always in compliance with our policies and procedures.
  • Environmental systems are audited via a documented ongoing plan.
  • Measurable objectives are established throughout the Bostik business ensuring alignment of everyone’s effort to match company objectives.